Friday, April 29, 2011

Helping out the Gents

Late last night I was in an op that Xystance (alliance member, cool guy and guest on Episode 8 of Cap Stable) was helping with.  We were off to help out the Gents.  Since I'm still training for the more specialized ships I decided to take my drake.  When we got to enemy territory the first thing on our agenda was to shoot at a station.  This of course angered the locals.  Test of course spammed local with porn.  Someone in our fleet even got silenced.  I was so jealous.  Next time I'll try harder.

After the station got reinforced we headed to another structure.  Shortly after arriving, we found out there was a large fleet coming for us.  Our brilliant FCs got the fleet to safety.  We proceeded to bait the enemies to follow us into the system with our caps.  Imagine their surprise after jumping into system.  It wasn't long before they jumped back through. 

Like I said our FCs were brilliant.  After waiting and waiting and waiting some more we (somehow) baited the fleet and this time we got them!  I personally got on 2 kill mails.  It would have been  more but we were killing them so fast!  I'll have to be quicker on locking enemies if I want to get more kill mails.

It was a fun night!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got me some kills!!

I also got on a kill mail! Woot!

I went out hunting with corp mates last weekend.  Right away I lost my bomber to what I thought was friendly bombs but after looking at the KM it looks like drones took me out. Doh!  Warak was nice enough to give me his bomber.  I'll be paying ya back soon Warak!

It was an enjoyable fleet.  Everyone was friendly.  I quickly became known as the girl who posts porn. o_O  Most of the pictures were just gross or funny.

Someone said my name sounded like an STD.  The person who said that better watch out for me in local.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Noob Friendly

I suddenly became super busy and haven't been able to post!  I'm still busy but darn it, I'm posting anyways.

I'm not spending as much time in Eve as I would like but I do log in to check my training queue.  I try to make the Friday and Saturday pvp ops.  Last Friday I got  few of the new guys in corp and taught them a few tricks.  How to check local, what to check before you undock, how to NOT panic when you jump into a bubble etc.  While we were chatting in teamspeak I noticed the alliance was getting an op together.  I asked if they were noob friendly, which of course they were, and off we went!  Minutes after we started we came across a red gang and took them out!  I got on a few kill mails and our new guys (some of them) found out what it was like to blow up.  It was nice having an op to attend after our learning session and who doesn't like to be on a few kill mails?

We are getting more and more new folk in the corp and I try to do my part in making them feel welcome.  I hope I made the game a little bit easier for them and I hope they had fun!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I want my PVP!

I would love to say last night was exciting and fun in Eve but it wasn't.  I joined an Alliance fleet of about 100 pilots to shoot down (said in a not so excited tone) enemy towers.   The towers have guns that can shoot you but they didn't do terrible damage to my drake so I wasn't ever in real danger.  We never had any resistance so I was pretty much bored the rest of the night.  Until I got lost from the fleet.  I had my autopilot set for "safest" not "quickest" so I jumped through the wrong gate, in enemy territory no less.

Aggravated and lost I set my destination for AIEU's home system and off I went.  The trip would take a long time and only about 5 or 6 jumps would be in 0.0 but being in a Null Sec corp, even High Sec space is dangerous.

I don't mind helping out the alliance even if it is boring but I was in the mood for pvp.  I didn't find out the fleet was going to shoot down towers until we got to the first tower.  My assumption was we were headed out in the search for blood!  I was thinking pvp in a large fleet would increase my numbers.  Right now a pilot has about an 80% chance to survive when fighting me.  That's not good.

Tonight should be filled with pvp!  Every Friday night my corp has a pvp night called Jolly Dice.  I love spending time with the guys.  I also look forward to Friday nights in Eve because I hold AIEU's  NEOS right before the Jolly Dice Op.  I get to know the new folk in the corporation and give them a little lesson on AIEU.

I'll let you guys know how tonight went tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy with 2 games and a podcast

Last night a group of us did an escalation (10 of 10) which -in wow terms- is like a bonus level in a dungeon.  There is a chance for some nice loot at the end and everything you kill gives you isk!  There were 7 of us total.  It was nice hanging out and relaxing after the intense week we've had with the war.

Tonight I shall be in Azeroth!  My raid team is doing some heroics that Sophillea would like to attend.  I may also work on my Tauren Druid Emmalee (82 woot!) and play around in BG's with my Goblin rogue Toxie.

We are recording the Cap Stable Podcast this Thursday.  I always have fun doing that.  Those guys keep me giggling the whole time. We have so much to talk about this week!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bomber Fail

My alliance has a "Bomber Night" every weekend.  I can fly one so I try to attend.  I was looking forward to shooting bombs at unsuspecting victims to help out the war effort.  My evening didn't go as planned.  I flew around in my bomber early in the day and logged off in enemy territory about 10 jumps from where the bomber fleet was meeting.  I decided to log in a little early so I could get to the meeting place in time for the op.  I noticed about 15 hostiles in a system along the way so I found a perch above the gate.  Since this was the gate I had to take I decided to sit and give intel to the members of my alliance.  I figured they would camp the gate for a few minutes then be on their way.

An hour later I was still stuck at my little perch above the gate.  The bomber fleet I was looking forward to was canceled because we weren't able to get enough pilots involved.  A few of the bomber pilots in my corporation decided to come where I was, still stuck at my perch.  Since the 15 man gang was jump in and out the system we thought it would be a good idea to shoot at the "bait" they left in our system.  After much preparation we launched our bombs/torps and ....watched as our soon-to-be victim jumped into the other system.  Which was smart of him to do.  We, of course, were disappointed.  Feeling safe, he jumped back into the system we were in and continued his job of bait.

Feeling determined, we got into position for another attack.  Just as one of the pilots gave the cue that he was about to launch a bomb, a blue jumped into the system.  Not wanting to blow up a fellow alliance member, the pilot waited for him to leave.  Instead of him leaving, the rest of his fleet jumped in.  They were a nice size fleet, around 10 pilots, but we could tell from their ships they wouldn't stand a chance against the gate camp gang.  The fleet of friendlies didn't agree.  They were planning to jump into the system the rest of the gang were in to take them down.  Feeling as though they need our help, myself and the rest of my fleet rushed toward the gate to follow them.  Suddenly there was gate fire and moments later a bubble appeared just as we were nearing the gate.  Shortly after the bubble arrived the rest of the 15 man fleet appeared on grid.  We were toast unless we escaped the bubble before they targeted us.

With reds all around and blues blowing up one by one, I panicked and wasn't able to get out of the bubble before the gang destroyed my ship.  Frustrated and frazzled I also managed to get my pod blown up.  After staring at the station I woke up in, I thought about what went wrong.  For starters, I panicked.  For seconds I should have jumped into the next system.  Trying to get out of the bubble and warp off was a waist of valuable time.

I decided to take the incident as a lesson learned.  Right now I'm a fail bomber pilot but practice makes perfect!

Friday, January 28, 2011

What's this? Soph is blogging?

Thought I would try out this blogging thing.  Would be very therapeutic I think, even if no one reads it.  I plan to talk about what is going on in my gaming life.  Mostly Eve Online but a lil' WoW here and there too.

I've been playing Eve with my WoW guild for about 6 months now. The group of people I play with are amazing. Anyone in my guild or corp knows this is true.  Love ya guys!

Eve life is pretty exciting right now.  My Alliance is taking over an area of space.  That space is owned by one of the largest Alliance's in Eve.  Of course we aren't to shabby either.  The majority of my time has been spent camping gates.  I'm killing anything coming in or trying to get out.  So far we've only seen a bomber here and there.  I've just learned that our enemies may have hired a Corp to help them escape.  This makes me happy because it means we get to pew pew!  I'm looking forward to getting home and jumping into my Drake.

See you in space!