Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got me some kills!!

I also got on a kill mail! Woot!

I went out hunting with corp mates last weekend.  Right away I lost my bomber to what I thought was friendly bombs but after looking at the KM it looks like drones took me out. Doh!  Warak was nice enough to give me his bomber.  I'll be paying ya back soon Warak!

It was an enjoyable fleet.  Everyone was friendly.  I quickly became known as the girl who posts porn. o_O  Most of the pictures were just gross or funny.

Someone said my name sounded like an STD.  The person who said that better watch out for me in local.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Noob Friendly

I suddenly became super busy and haven't been able to post!  I'm still busy but darn it, I'm posting anyways.

I'm not spending as much time in Eve as I would like but I do log in to check my training queue.  I try to make the Friday and Saturday pvp ops.  Last Friday I got  few of the new guys in corp and taught them a few tricks.  How to check local, what to check before you undock, how to NOT panic when you jump into a bubble etc.  While we were chatting in teamspeak I noticed the alliance was getting an op together.  I asked if they were noob friendly, which of course they were, and off we went!  Minutes after we started we came across a red gang and took them out!  I got on a few kill mails and our new guys (some of them) found out what it was like to blow up.  It was nice having an op to attend after our learning session and who doesn't like to be on a few kill mails?

We are getting more and more new folk in the corp and I try to do my part in making them feel welcome.  I hope I made the game a little bit easier for them and I hope they had fun!