Friday, February 4, 2011

I want my PVP!

I would love to say last night was exciting and fun in Eve but it wasn't.  I joined an Alliance fleet of about 100 pilots to shoot down (said in a not so excited tone) enemy towers.   The towers have guns that can shoot you but they didn't do terrible damage to my drake so I wasn't ever in real danger.  We never had any resistance so I was pretty much bored the rest of the night.  Until I got lost from the fleet.  I had my autopilot set for "safest" not "quickest" so I jumped through the wrong gate, in enemy territory no less.

Aggravated and lost I set my destination for AIEU's home system and off I went.  The trip would take a long time and only about 5 or 6 jumps would be in 0.0 but being in a Null Sec corp, even High Sec space is dangerous.

I don't mind helping out the alliance even if it is boring but I was in the mood for pvp.  I didn't find out the fleet was going to shoot down towers until we got to the first tower.  My assumption was we were headed out in the search for blood!  I was thinking pvp in a large fleet would increase my numbers.  Right now a pilot has about an 80% chance to survive when fighting me.  That's not good.

Tonight should be filled with pvp!  Every Friday night my corp has a pvp night called Jolly Dice.  I love spending time with the guys.  I also look forward to Friday nights in Eve because I hold AIEU's  NEOS right before the Jolly Dice Op.  I get to know the new folk in the corporation and give them a little lesson on AIEU.

I'll let you guys know how tonight went tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy with 2 games and a podcast

Last night a group of us did an escalation (10 of 10) which -in wow terms- is like a bonus level in a dungeon.  There is a chance for some nice loot at the end and everything you kill gives you isk!  There were 7 of us total.  It was nice hanging out and relaxing after the intense week we've had with the war.

Tonight I shall be in Azeroth!  My raid team is doing some heroics that Sophillea would like to attend.  I may also work on my Tauren Druid Emmalee (82 woot!) and play around in BG's with my Goblin rogue Toxie.

We are recording the Cap Stable Podcast this Thursday.  I always have fun doing that.  Those guys keep me giggling the whole time. We have so much to talk about this week!