Friday, April 29, 2011

Helping out the Gents

Late last night I was in an op that Xystance (alliance member, cool guy and guest on Episode 8 of Cap Stable) was helping with.  We were off to help out the Gents.  Since I'm still training for the more specialized ships I decided to take my drake.  When we got to enemy territory the first thing on our agenda was to shoot at a station.  This of course angered the locals.  Test of course spammed local with porn.  Someone in our fleet even got silenced.  I was so jealous.  Next time I'll try harder.

After the station got reinforced we headed to another structure.  Shortly after arriving, we found out there was a large fleet coming for us.  Our brilliant FCs got the fleet to safety.  We proceeded to bait the enemies to follow us into the system with our caps.  Imagine their surprise after jumping into system.  It wasn't long before they jumped back through. 

Like I said our FCs were brilliant.  After waiting and waiting and waiting some more we (somehow) baited the fleet and this time we got them!  I personally got on 2 kill mails.  It would have been  more but we were killing them so fast!  I'll have to be quicker on locking enemies if I want to get more kill mails.

It was a fun night!