Friday, February 4, 2011

I want my PVP!

I would love to say last night was exciting and fun in Eve but it wasn't.  I joined an Alliance fleet of about 100 pilots to shoot down (said in a not so excited tone) enemy towers.   The towers have guns that can shoot you but they didn't do terrible damage to my drake so I wasn't ever in real danger.  We never had any resistance so I was pretty much bored the rest of the night.  Until I got lost from the fleet.  I had my autopilot set for "safest" not "quickest" so I jumped through the wrong gate, in enemy territory no less.

Aggravated and lost I set my destination for AIEU's home system and off I went.  The trip would take a long time and only about 5 or 6 jumps would be in 0.0 but being in a Null Sec corp, even High Sec space is dangerous.

I don't mind helping out the alliance even if it is boring but I was in the mood for pvp.  I didn't find out the fleet was going to shoot down towers until we got to the first tower.  My assumption was we were headed out in the search for blood!  I was thinking pvp in a large fleet would increase my numbers.  Right now a pilot has about an 80% chance to survive when fighting me.  That's not good.

Tonight should be filled with pvp!  Every Friday night my corp has a pvp night called Jolly Dice.  I love spending time with the guys.  I also look forward to Friday nights in Eve because I hold AIEU's  NEOS right before the Jolly Dice Op.  I get to know the new folk in the corporation and give them a little lesson on AIEU.

I'll let you guys know how tonight went tomorrow.


  1. I've just discovered the this blog through the Cap Stable podcast! Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures in EVE.

    Maybe we'll cross paths someday for pew pew.

  2. Hey hey Soph! I just found your blog through the CapStable site. I'll be checking in on you. Hope you get some exciting kills soon!